British comedian Russell Brand, accused of rape and sexual assault by several women, was questioned by London police about old sexual offenses, the Times said on Sunday evening.

Police in the British capital simply indicated that a man in his forties had been questioned Thursday in a south London police station about “three non-recent sexual offenses.” “The investigation continues,” Scotland Yard said.

After the accusations, formally denied by the actor, emerged, the police in the British capital encouraged potential victims to come forward.

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She opened an investigation targeting the provocative 48-year-old actor, who has become an anti-establishment influencer on social networks, where millions of subscribers follow him.

In mid-September, the Sunday Times and Channel 4 television revealed the accusations of four women against him, one concerning rape and the others of sexual assault and psychological violence. London police then indicated that they had received “a number of accusations” of sexual assault, relating to “non-recent” facts.

Russell Brand is also the subject of an internal BBC investigation into his behavior when he worked for British public service radio between 2006 and 2008. The public broadcasting group recently indicated that it had received two additional complaints, which lead to five the number of reports against Russell Brand, notably for “accusations of inappropriate behavior in the workplace, including urinating in bottles in a BBC studio”.

Russell Brand is also the target of a complaint filed last month in New York for alleged sexual assaults in 2010 on the set of a film in the American megacity.