She succeeds Chiara Mastroianni. Camille Cottin will be the next mistress of ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival, France Télévisions announced in a press release on Thursday. The Ten Percent actress will present the opening and closing ceremony of the 77th edition, which will take place from May 14 to 25, chaired by Greta Gerwig, the director of Barbie.

Revealed by the sketch series filmed with a hidden camera Connasse, on Canal, Camille Cottin, 45, achieved notoriety with her role as an artistic agent as talented as she is abrupt in the series Dix pour cent. On the encrypted channel, the 70 two-minute episodes, recounting the hilarious setbacks of a narcissistic and snobbish Parisian bohemian, were broadcast between 2013 and 2015 in the “Before” section of the “Grand Journal”. In the wake of the series, the feature film Connasse, Princess of Hearts released in 2015 allowed Camille Cottin to be nominated for the César in the best female hopeful category.

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The director Rémi Bezançon chose her to play opposite the actor Fabrice Luchini, whom she meets in Dix pour Cent, in Le Mystère Henri Pick, adapted from the novel by David Foenkinos. The mischievous and improbable Cottin-Luchini tandem hits the mark in this dramatic comedy released in 2019.

The successful television series Dix pour Cent allowed Camille Cottin to establish her status as a popular actress. It was also during this period that Hollywood spotted Camille Cottin. Sigourney Weaver, visiting the series imagined by Dominique Besnehard, introduces her to her American agent, Billy Lazarus. Her participation in the series Killing Eve, by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, breaks her image as a comic actress. The Netflix platform broadcasts Ten Percent, renamed Call My Agent!. Director Tom McCathy (happy with the success of Spotlight) hires the actress for Stillwater (2021). This thriller filmed largely in Marseille, co-written by Frenchman Thomas Bidegain, features Matt Damon as a former oil well driller who seeks to exonerate his daughter imprisoned in Beaumettes. He will be helped in his task by Virginie, a theater actress and single mother played by Camille Cottin.

In Mystery in Venice, third adaptation of the investigations of Hercule Poirot by Kenneth Branagh, based on the novels of Agatha Christie, Camille Cottin plays Olga Seminoff, a strict and cunning governess. The public found her in the ch’ti version of Stars Wars, The Empire, by Bruno Dumont, last February. On April 3, the actress will appear alongside Benjamin Biolay in A Few Days No More by Julie Navarro.