“The Winter has covered up the vertex / me”, – stated in Rückert’s poem “old song”. Schubert sets frosty in b minor, the key of Death. Then: “But the blood, and the chamber red / through the Heart flows.” Hope, Confidence, also, in the piano part. Is Second to none in Schubert could Express the spirit of the poetic template musically. The song recital from Christian Gerhaher and Gerold Huber in the chamber music hall, you can understand it enjoying, with Schubert’s settings of poems from Rückert’s collection of “Eastern roses”.

The two artists give concerts, she combines a long time with each other, an osmotic energy. The Straubinger Huber is at the piano with his hair the barockere appearance, magnificence in addition to the rather ascetic Gerhaher, who comes from the same city. The Strengths of his singing are less in sonority, and Gerhaher resist singing constantly, full of character and colors. Especially in the heights and in the Forte of the baritone is flourishing. Then the voice is full of creative power. A force connected to him in depth and, usually, in the Liderbahis Piano is missing. There, he is often sallow and pale, tells nothing.

a Thousand facets of Sound

A silence Sensation Gerold Huber. You would not elicited confidence in this strong artists immediately, with what gentleness he goes in the keys, the score fits in, your thousand facets of Sound. He shines in a redemption, which is to confuse second to none with shyness. Rather, we have to do it with a strained Lurking that can erupt at any time, and it does. Nothing of Gerold Huber’s game is superficial, everything has meaning, purpose, effect. And it is not dissipated, echoing long after in the mind. Yes, here is a great Pianist plays.

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The concert is at the same time read as a little story of the song singing. It begins with Schubert, Schumann, jumps to the productive Wolfgang Rihm, with his just two weeks ago in Weimar premiered “Tasso”-thoughts on Goethe, a brooding introspective. With “Warm the air” full Alban Berg pulls the step out of tonality, and is already here, as meaning-of-the-art composer of the second Viennese school. Finally, Hugo Wolf, the Find Second to none in dramatic expression with-Siècle knew to associate Aura. Gerhaher and Huber don’t seem like a singer and a companion, but as a together-beating heart with two chambers. So, you will discover a secret over and over in these songs – and let your audience be a part of.