American television CNN broadcast on Friday a montage of video surveillance images from a Los Angeles hotel dated March 2016 which shows an outburst of violence by rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs against his partner at the time, the singer of R

The global star and New York billionaire hip-hop, 54, who also goes by the names Puff Daddy and P. Diddy, has been caught up since 2023 by a number of accusations of rape, sexual exploitation and physical violence and psychological.

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Notably in a civil complaint filed in New York in November by Cassie who accused her ex-partner of rape in 2018 and of “violent” and “deviant” behavior for a decade, such as forced sexual relations with male prostitutes. The matter was settled “amicably” according to a confidential agreement.

Casandra Ventura’s legal action, now extinguished, referred to a particularly violent physical attack, of which the video surveillance images dated March 5, 2016 and revealed and authenticated by CNN, give the full extent. According to a montage of videos taken from multiple angles filming a hallway and elevator doors at the (now defunct) InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles, a woman, Cassie according to CNN, can be seen walking down the hallway, dressed in ‘a hooded coat, jeans and carrying a handbag and a travel bag.

A few seconds later, we see a man appear in the corridor, Diddy according to the channel, and run after him. He just wears a towel around his waist and socks. Arriving in front of the elevator, the rapper finds the singer who turns her back on him, grabs her roughly by the neck, throws her very violently to the ground and delivers a heavy kick to her while she is on the ground. Diddy, holding his towel around his waist with one hand, picks up Cassie’s bags with the other and kicks her again, according to the footage. We then see him grab his partner at the time violently by the hood or the top of his coat, drag her down the corridor for a few meters before abandoning her. We then see him slowly get up, gather his things and pick up a service telephone near the elevator.

In another excerpt from a camera filming a mirror in the hotel corridor, the rapper sitting on a chair, in the same outfit, violently throws glass vases towards Cassie, who cannot be seen. This “stomach-turning video only confirms the predatory behavior of Mr. Combs,” denounced in a press release the singer’s lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, who salutes the “courage” of his client. The rapper has denied everything since the November civil complaint and has not been criminally charged.