Beyond Oppenheimer’s triumph, the 96th Oscars ceremony also offered a series of serious or offbeat moments on Sunday, between jokes about Donald Trump, Gérard Depardieu, the applause of a dog and the unmissable hit by Ryan Gosling in Barbie .

The best costume category of this 96th edition of the Oscars will be remembered for a long time. Seen in Barbie where he played a mermaid, ex-wrestler John Cena arrived on stage naked alongside Jimmy Kimmel. The envelope containing the winner’s name hid his private parts. When it was time to open it, it was draped in a peach-colored curtain. The reward went to Poor Creatures.

Jimmy Kimmel peppered the ceremony with well-felt jokes, for example mocking the Academy for the criticized absence of Greta Gerwig (Barbie) among the nominees for the Oscar for best director. “You applaud, but it’s you who didn’t vote for her,” he said to Hollywood’s elite.

Kimmel also had fun reading a message that the very likely Republican candidate for the American presidential election, Donald Trump, had just published on his Truth social network to castigate the presenter, “a below average person”. In a very polarized America, Hollywood is generally seen as too progressive by conservatives. “Thank you, President Trump. I’m surprised you’re still here, isn’t it time to go to jail?” Jimmy Kimmel retorted at the end of the ceremony, in a play on words combining Trump’s legal setbacks and the fact of go to bed given the late hour.

The presenter tackled the French actor indicted for rape and sexual assault from the start of the evening. “Messi, the dog from Anatomy of a Fall is here. He’s incredible, I haven’t seen a French actor eat vomit like that since Gérard Depardieu,” he said in front of the audience of stars. A criticism of the actor who is now persona non grata due to the accusations of sexual violence which are piling up against him.

The promised and highly anticipated moment of the evening, Ryan Gosling performed, in a pink sequined suit, a flamboyant I’m just Ken, an extract from the soundtrack and a narcissistic song which implicitly mocks toxic masculinity. Margot Robbie, Emma Stone, Greta Gerwig and America Ferrera all sang along with Gosling when he entered the audience.

Bathed in purple lighting and wearing a sparkly pink suit and pink gloves, Ryan Gosling began singing I’m Just Ken while in the audience seated behind Margot Robbie, who couldn’t help but laugh. He then headed to the stage, where he was joined by Mark Ronson on guitar and a handful of dancers. Slash also appeared on stage, contributing guitar to the song.

Emma Stone appeared radiant, draped in a sumptuous pale green Louis Vuitton strapless dress. When she went on stage to collect the Oscar for best actress for her portrayal of Bella Baxter in Poor Creatures, the actress was visibly embarrassed by her dress whose zipper broke in the back. The actress did not fail to bounce back with humor, explaining: “I think that happened during I’m Just Ken. I’m pretty sure.”

Present in the audience among the Hollywood stars, the 7-year-old border collie who plays Snoop in Anatomy of a Fall, the award-winning film by Frenchwoman Justine Triet, made an impression on Sunday evening. During the ceremony, numerous cutaways highlighted the telegeny of the dog wearing a bow tie, sitting on an armchair. Messi even applauded the victory of Robert Downey Jr, crowned best actor in a supporting role for Oppenheimer, in front of the camera with his paws.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito joined forces to deliver Best Visual Effects for Godzilla Minus One and Best Editing for Oppenheimer. But it was their Batman jokes that stole the show and had the Oscar audience laughing. “Arnold and I are presenting together tonight for a very obvious reason,” DeVito said. We both tried to kill Batman!”