The Olympia always does something. Eddy de Pretto, who has already tasted the joys of the historic room, will not say the opposite. “I’m so happy to be here, it’s been a long time since we last saw each other here,” he told the audience, Monday evening, for the first Parisian leg of his tour built for the release of Crash Coeur , his latest album. We’re going to have a great evening together!”

A camera mounted on a drone, thick smoke and an advertising panel in front of a giant screen as a backdrop: the device, which intends to preserve “the generous and human aspect of a live show” according to the singer, is now well established since the start of the tour in Reims in February.

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The images appear accompanying each song. For Papa $ucre, the screen takes on the appearance of a false advertisement for toothpaste. Then it becomes a wall of flames with Quartier des Lunes, displays the shimmering face of Juliette Armanet for the duo Eau de vie.

If the public does not know all the titles of the latest album, released in November, they are very reactive to the first notes of the singer’s old hits. It only takes a few seconds, at the end of the evening, for Fête de trop, released in 2018, to set the room ablaze. His career owes a lot to this dark title, evoking drugs, alcohol and the loneliness that the singer may have felt when he was younger. He claims to have “remained the same”, six years later, more or less. “I party in a different way now, I have calmed down,” concedes the 32-year-old singer. But tonight we can have this party one last time too many!”

The nearly two-hour concert is coming to an end. Love’n’Tendresse, the flagship track from his album Crash Cœur in which the singer opens up about his feelings for the first time, closes the set, before the encores: two last pieces, including a piano vocal version of Urgence 911, its title in tribute to the teacher murdered in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, in February 2023. “It’s a little bonus after the end credits,” testifies Eddy de Pretto. I don’t do this every time, just on exceptional dates.” “When will we see each other again?”, he concludes with a smile on his face. Surely in December answer the Parisian fans. It will be in Bercy, during the big concert which must complete its 2024 tour.