Dying with dignity is the last fight led by Line Renaud. The debate on the end of life which will open in the Assembly from May 27 in order to discuss the bill wanted by Emmanuel Macron seems to be an outcome for her. She has just declared to Libération that this next discussion made her “so happy”.

“Helping to die is really the right term,” said the former magazine leader, now 95 years old, traumatized by the disappearance of her mother more than twenty years ago. Supporting the people who are most dear to us has been a problem ever since. “When the doctors, the family, the loved ones of a patient know that there is nothing more to be done, that it is a matter of months, and that these last moments are going to be painful, then we must “help to die”, testified Line Renaud, who spoke of her mother, who disappeared after four months of “horrible suffering”. “If assisted dying had existed then, I would never have felt like I was committing suicide, I would have stopped her suffering, that’s all.”

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A few months ago, she played in Le Prochain Voyage an old lover who leaves hand in hand with her lifelong lover played by Jean Sorel. “I believe that this beautiful love story could convince many people and push them to support a humanist project on the end of life,” she explained a few days before the film was broadcast on France 2.

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For this tireless acrobat, the suffering and despair in the face of the illness which inevitably advances deserve to be regulated by the law to relieve those who suffer. A letter written to her by Françoise Hardy, affected by cancer, particularly moved her. The singer from Le Temps de l’amour told him of her “desire to go to the other dimension, as quickly and as painlessly as possible”. Line Renaud replied that “we had to help him…”. From May 27, MEPs will see if this is possible. Line Renaud firmly believes in it.