On May 25, Shelby Lynn recounts the course of her evening like no other on Twitter and Instagram. An Irish fan of the band, she attends the German band’s concert in Vilnius, Lithuania on May 22 in the front row. She is invited to the party before the concert, where she has fun and drinks “reasonably” according to her. Then, the leader of the group, Till Lindemann enters and pours a shot of tequila to each of the invited girls. The concert begins and Shelby feels groggy: “I’m like a zombie.” Later, a member of the team brings him to Till Lindemann in a cramped room. She refuses to have sex with the musician, which, according to her, provokes the singer’s anger. He storms out of the room.

Back at her hotel, she discovers several major bruises. Sick the next day, she explains that she “can’t get out of bed without passing out.” Shelby takes a drug test that comes back negative.

By posting her story on Twitter, Shelby Lynn receives many testimonials that echo what she has experienced. “They could offer me 10 billion, I still wouldn’t accept them. I will not allow myself to be silenced, I will be the voice of the many victims,” she wrote.

But the case divides social networks, many claim that she is looking for the buzz, pointing in particular to the alcohol mixtures ingested by the young woman during the evening.

For its part, the music group denies these accusations. “Regarding the allegations circulating on the Internet about Vilnius, we can rule out the possibility that what is claimed happened in our environment. We are not aware of any official investigation into the subject. »

According to Shelby Lynn, Aleena Makeeva, who contacted the young women for these evenings, would have published the following message in a WhatsApp group. “We need your help with the declaration! Please post stories with photos and videos during parties! Tell people the truth about what’s really going on. We have never drugged girls. If you don’t support us, then the front row and after party could be cut forever. »

According to BFMTV, a young girl would have contacted the local police to report a similar story, without however filing a complaint. For her part, Shelby Lynn spent “nearly five hours” on the phone with the Lithuanian police who “recorded an official statement.”