More than four months ago, the death of American-Canadian actor Matthew Perry left Hollywood and millions of fans in mourning. Having left at the age of 54 on October 28 after years of fighting his addictions, the Chandler Bing actor from Friends had planned his succession. The actor’s fortune had been estimated at around $120 million by American media. The contents of the actor’s private will have not been revealed in detail, but, according to TMZ magazine, the actor wanted to leave the majority of his assets through a trust founded in 2009 and called the “Alvy Singer Living Trust.” .

“All of my personal and household effects, including but not limited to jewelry, furniture, artwork, and automobiles, and any insurance on such property, will form part of my remainder estate,” it says. the document consulted by the specialized media. The trust is an American legal structure allowing individuals to transfer their property to a trusted person, the “trustee”, who will be in charge and management.

The name given to the trust was not chosen by chance. In his memoir published in 2022 entitled Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, Matthew Perry recounted his memories, particularly those shared with his mother. While remembering a special day spent together, the actor expressed his admiration for Annie Hall, his mother’s favorite film. Alvy Singer is the name of the character played by Woody Allen in his cult romantic comedy

Also according to TMZ, his mother, Suzanne Morrison, and his father, John Perry, are named beneficiaries, as well as his half-sister, Caitlin Morrison, and his ex-girlfriend from 2003 to 2005, Rachel Dunn. The co-executors of the contract are named in the legal filing as Lisa Ferguson and Robin Ruzan. The latter was the executive producer of the game show Celebrity Liar, in which Matthew Perry appeared. They are the ones who must make decisions on the distribution and management of their property.

The actor, single at the time of his death, had no children. A hearing to settle Matthew Perry’s estate is scheduled at Stanley Mosk Court in Los Angeles on April 10. Only Lisa Ferguson will attend since Robin Ruzan has decided to step down from this responsibility.