He hit the headlines in 2022 with his title Montero (Call Me By Your Name). Lil Nas In the less than three-minute video – which has to date more than 6 million views – the rapper slips into the skin of a deity on stiletto heels who borrows heavily from the codes of Christianity. We see star lookalikes lining up to enter heaven, a basketball match between Satan and Lil Nas The miracle of Moses’ sea, the crucifixion of Jesus or Noah’s ark: nothing is missing in this bold video with queer overtones.

The message is clear: Lil Nas A parallel which outraged some fans of the star, pinned on social networks for this clip.

The rapper had already caused a stir a few days before the release of his new song in a video published on X (formerly Twitter). We see him in a religious setting taking a series of shots of a blood-red liquid into which he dips what looks like wafers. The show business industry knows it: there is nothing better than getting people talking about yourself – bad or good – to ensure the marketing success of a product. But the subversive artist felt that a limit had been crossed. To put an end to the controversy – and appease his Christian fans – Lil Nas X posted a video on his social networks Monday January 15 where he makes amends.

“I don’t necessarily want to apologize,” he said in the preamble. I want to explain the events of last week. To begin with, when preparing this artistic work, I knew that some people would be offended, because religions are a very sensitive subject for many people. The star clarifies that his goal was not to make fun of Christianity. “The idea was to say I’m back like Jesus. (…) I am not the first person to dress like Jesus, I am not the only artist, I am not the only rapper and I will not be the last.

Referring to the video where he pretends to repeat the Eucharistic ritual with bread and wine, he admits: “I didn’t understand the reality of what it is. It wasn’t cannibalism or whatever. And for that I am sorry.” “I know I completely screwed up this time. I may seem like I don’t care, but it still affected me, continues Lil Nas love. This is who I am. I am not an evil demon who tries to destroy values.”

The devil is one of Lil Nas The rapper also launched a range of “satanic sneakers” in 2021. The model, put on sale by MSCHF, was initially an Air Max 97 sneaker (manufactured by Nike), to which a pentagram, an inverted five-pointed star, had been added. branches sometimes considered a satanic symbol, and a drop of human blood injected into the sole. Nike had sued MSCHF, accusing it of trademark infringement and dilution.