Israeli actress Gal Gadot wants to screen a film in Hollywood about the attacks committed by Hamas against Israel on October 7. According to the media Ynetnews, the 47-minute video was provided by the IDF spokesperson to the actress. This is not the first time that the actress known for the role of Wonder Woman has supported the Hebrew country. “I support Israel and you should too,” she wrote on her Instagram account almost a month ago.

“Gal Gadot and her husband Yaron Varsano helped make this possible,” Guy Nattiv, director behind the project, told the Israeli newspaper. The screening will trace the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas against Israeli families living near the Gaza border. The armed group’s terrorist act left nearly 1,400 dead. “As a filmmaker, I swore that these images of October 7 would not be forgotten and that the world would see them. Now begins the denial of “it’s false”, but it’s not false. We cannot ignore these images,” said the filmmaker in the columns of Ynetnews.

Guy Nativ, who calls himself a humanist and is in favor of a two-state solution, hopes that these images will never be forgotten: “I am a humanist, I have Palestinian friends. But when I saw the horrific images of October 7, I was reminded of my grandfather who said that during the Holocaust the world stood by and did nothing when the Jews were sent to the gas chambers. As a filmmaker, I swore that these scenes of October 7 would not be forgotten and that the world would see them.” According to the director, many pro-Hamas accounts report on social networks that the massacres committed by the terrorist group never took place. “I won’t let that happen. I am fighting to raise awareness about what happened during the Holocaust and what happened on October 7th. We can’t just ignore it,” he continued.

The film, whose content turns out to be particularly “shocking and violent”, will be broadcast in Los Angeles and New York. For the moment, no screening date has been communicated. The full list of celebrities invited to the event has not been shared but according to Guy Nativ, the film is intended for 120 people including Hollywood stars and “people with a background in cinema”. “In accordance with Israeli military directives, no recording or use of telephones will be permitted during the broadcast of the film,” explained the director. And according to the filmmaker, other screenings could also be organized if “demand is sufficient”.