The actress Judith Godrèche, who filed a complaint for rape of a minor against the directors Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon, requested Thursday the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into labor law in the world of cinema and “the risks for kids”. “Who should we count on to ensure that from now on no child will be the victim of sexual or moral violence on a set or during a casting?”, launched the director during a hearing before the delegation for children’s rights. children of the National Assembly. “Are we going to keep quiet? I am counting on you, I am counting on you to protect the children, to no longer deliver them to the cinema without any protection,” she added. “These are the same systems as those of education, medicine, publishing, sport for example, for which you have ordered a commission of inquiry.”

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Judith Godrèche concluded her introductory remarks by asking the deputies to “take the initiative of a commission of inquiry into labor law in the world of cinema and in particular its risks for women and children”. “It is absolutely necessary that in all filming which involves a minor, there is a harassment representative who is not under the responsibility of the production, who is independent,” she added. It would also be “important to require that there be a third person at all times” in the room where the casting director is and to make the presence of “intimacy” coordinators obligatory.

At 51, the director has become a spearhead of the movement

At the end of Judith Godrèche’s hearing, the president of the delegation for children’s rights Perrine Goulet assured that her delegation and that dedicated to women’s rights would “continue this fight”. “By what means, it is to be defined, in any case we will not let go of your word, I think we can guarantee that,” she indicated.