Last night, Kevin Costner seemed totally disconcerted after the screening of his film Horizon: an American saga, in the large Louis Lumière room at the Palais des Festivals. A first.

Generally, with his air of a taciturn cowboy ready to take everything, the unforgettable director of Dances with Wolves never lets his emotions show behind his impassive poker player face. This was the exception to the rule. After a long standing ovation lasting more than twelve minutes, the Bodyguard actor lost his legendary self-confidence, wiping his eyes several times.

The organizers ended up giving him a microphone. He was then able to thank this audience who offered him a great crowd bath and pleasure. “You are great people,” he said. And this moment was great! Not just for me, but for my entire team. Everyone who believed in the project and worked hard on it.”

Moved to tears, Costner interrupted himself, before continuing: “Moviemaking is a funny business. I’m so glad I found it. There is no place like the Cannes Film Festival! I will never forget that. And what’s more, in front of my children. (…) Even if I made this film, I realize now, it no longer belongs to me. He’s yours. I knew it. I feel so lucky, blessed by the gods. So, uh… Go ahead, keep clapping, give me more!” he concluded, running his hand over his face, upset.

So long cow-boy!