The photos and their little comment on social networks were intended as a tribute; they have raised the hackles of more than one admirer of Frida Kahlo, one of the glories of Mexico. Madonna published a series of photos on Instagram on Monday where she appears with a ring and necklace, dressed in a long shawl, wearing gloves embroidered with flowers and colorful patterns, in a dress that is also characteristic. “A beautiful memory, visiting the family home of my eternal muse Frida Kahlo in Mexico,” Madonna comments on Instagram. It was magical for me to try on her clothes and jewelry, read her diaries and letters, and look at photos I had never seen before.”

Could collection pieces, having belonged to the artist who died seventy years ago, have been lent to the singer as she explains? The Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico immediately denied this. The institution that manages Casa Azul did not lend Madonna any clothes or jewelry during her April visit to the Mexican capital. According to information from the newspaper Reforma, the American star, during his stay, visited the relatives of Frida Kahlo, who was the companion of the painter Diego Rivera, in a house in the Pedregal district. “We would like to clarify that the clothes, photos and objects that Madonna published on her various social networks do not belong to Casa Azul, nor are they part of its collection,” the museum said in a statement.

The collection of clothing and jewelry of Frida Kahlo, famous Mexican avant-garde painter (1907-1954), source of inspiration for feminists and fascinating figure in the art world, “is subject to strict conservation measures and is on display in the museum, and not on loan for personal use. “We are proud that Madonna finds her inspiration in Frida Kahlo and shares it on the platforms,” he said. We would like to point out that the clothes, photos and objects posted on social networks do not belong to the “La Casa Azul” collection.”

Casa Azul, where Kahlo lived for 36 years and which displays part of her heritage, said that due to scheduling reasons, the singer was unable to visit the museum in the bohemian neighborhood of Coyoacán. , as did his family and friends. According to Reforma, the clothes worn are indeed originals, probably in the hands of relatives.

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The photos published by the singer, who owns three paintings by Kahlo, were not unanimous among her fans. “You can be Madonna all you want, but try on her clothes!,” wrote one. “I wonder how much she paid those who run the museum to get this special treatment,” we can still read in the comments of the publication.