“We have the tyrants we give ourselves,” wrote Philippe Torreton a few days ago in a publication on LinkedIn. The actor does not like the sacred monster of cinema. In 2012, already, he published a column in Liberation to denounce the tax exile of Gérard Depardieu in Belgium. And above all the complacency which the actor enjoys from the French public.

Today, Philippe Torreton salutes “the courage of this young actress, Marion Guilloux, and with her all these women who testify to unacceptable behavior on the part of this actor and dare to say out loud what the whole profession knows and knew and knows. ‘enjoyed it.’ The actor affirms that from the platform, he “almost does not turn any more”.

“You’re really a relaxed guy, Gégé, you burp and you fart, you finger pussies that pass a little too close,” wrote Marion Guilloux in the newspaper Causette on April 25. The actress published this column in response to a Mediapart investigation, in which thirteen women accuse Gérard Depardieu of sexual violence. If the 74-year-old actor denies any reprehensible behavior, he was nevertheless indicted for rape in December 2020 following the complaint of actress Charlotte Arnould.

Since Mediapart’s investigation, the producer and distributor of the film Umami have decided to remove Gérard Depardieu from promotion. In this feature film by Slony Sow, he plays a great starred chef leaving for Japan after personal setbacks. The production claims that “there were no incidents during the filming of the film. We interviewed all the teams. No one reported any inappropriate behavior on the part of Gérard Depardieu during filming. »