The issue promises to be debated for many more weeks, at least until the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games and the end of the suspense over the participation – more likely every day – of the singer Aya Nakamura. The artist decides to have fun, again this week by appearing alongside Brigitte Macron. In the meantime, the controversy continues to agitate politicians. Guest of RTL Friday morning, Rachida Dati once again defended the singer of Dja-Dja, victim, according to her, “of the rejection of the other”.

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“Did you see what that triggered Aya Nakamura? It was a trigger for her, like me, when I was appointed Minister of Culture, she said. There are people in France who are not accepted in certain circles. Is it normal ? Does Aya Nakamura still need to prove herself as an artist? Does it have its place? Do I have my place as Minister of Culture? Haven’t I proven myself?”

On several occasions since the beginning of March, Rachida Dati has defended the artist, queen of French-speaking export songs. “It’s pure and harsh racism,” she condemned in reaction to the comments of Marine Le Pen, Jordan Bardella, Éric Zemmour and Gérard Larcher. “At some point, you have to accept,” she repeated on RTL on Friday morning. It’s not even integration anymore, it’s not even inclusion anymore, it’s a policy of acceptance.”