Borussia Mönchengladbach occupy second place in the Bundesliga after 14 rounds.

With a home win of 3-0 over Stuttgart came Gladbach up to 29 points, which is seven fewer than førerholdet, Borussia Dortmund, and two more than Bayern Munich in third place.

the Victory was totally deserved on a night where hjemmepublikummet 48.590 had a visit of holder Allan Simonsen, who was acclaimed for his Ballon d’or glory from 1977.

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Allan Simonsen hailed at the stadium in Gladbach for his title as the world’s best. Photo: Jan Huebner/Jansen/Ritzau Scanpix

Allan Simonsen has hailed his Ballon d’or at the stadium in Gladbach this december day. Photo: REVIERFOTO/Ritzau Scanpix

It seemed to inspire Gladbach, who dominated the fight, Nakitbahis but first got a hole in the abscess in the last quarter.

Raffael had just misused a big chance, when after 69 minutes got another one, and this time failed he is not. He headede Florian Neuhaus’ serving in the network as the biggest matter of course.

Eight minutes later had Neuhaus even last foot on the ball, as he completed a nice attack and doubled the lead.

Since it went totally wrong for Stuttgart, there are seven minutes before the time was Erik Thommy expelled and moments after came behind 0-3 on the Benjamin Pavards own goal.

Earlier on Sunday played Mainz 05 and Hannover 96 in a 1-1 draw in a showdown, there was a dramatic conclusion.

a Few minutes before the time offset Mainz on a penalty kick. Mainz also scored seven minutes into injury time, but it was properly cancelled after the use of videoteknologien WAS.

Videodommerne found that the Mainz player Anthony Ujah just had moved into a criminal offide position.

the Page was Hanover hit by an expulsion in the last seconds of injury time, which lasted more than ten minutes.

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