A concert that ended in stitches. American star Bebe Rexha, in concert in New York on Sunday evening, had to suddenly interrupt the show after receiving a cell phone on the head, reports the specialized magazine Rolling Stone. The 33-year-old singer collapsed on stage as shown in videos posted on Twitter.

According to the American media, the singer’s injury required stitches and a man was taken into custody. A preliminary investigation by New York City police “determined that a 27-year-old man had intentionally” sent the projectile. He was arrested on Monday evening.

On Monday morning, Bebe Rexha posted a photo of herself on Instagram, her eye swollen and her brow bone covered with a bandage, along with the simple message “I’m fine. ยป

Aged 33, Bebe Rexha author, composer, performer, singer and producer accumulates distinctions. In 2022, his collaboration with David Guetta on the title I’m Good topped the charts in the United Kingdom and Australia.

A planetary hit included in his third album, released last April, titled in all sobriety Bebe. The album offers other duet tracks, including Satellite with rapper Snoop Dogg and Seasons with country singer Dolly Parton.