Coline Berry-Rojtman’s lawyers announced Thursday that they had referred the matter to Arcom regarding the presentation deemed fragmentary made by Bruce Toussaint, host of TF1, of the case of their client who accuses her father of incest, during an interview with Richard Berry end of February.

Patrick Klugman and Ivan Terel contacted the audiovisual and digital regulator on Tuesday for failure to maintain the broadcast, citing “unbelievable treatment” of Coline Berry’s file. “We say anything about current proceedings, without the slightest contradiction, and the viewer is certain that Richard Berry was wrongly accused and that Coline Berry was convicted of defamation,” they lamented.

In the February 27 edition of “Bonjour!” , the morning show on TF1, presenter Bruce Toussaint recalled for the first time that the investigation targeting Richard Berry “had been closed without further action due to statute of limitations” at the end of August 2022, before later repeating more simply that the investigation had been closed. He also mentioned that Richard Berry’s ex-partner, Jeane Manson, who had attacked Coline Berry-Rojtman for defamation, had “won twice, once at first instance, a second time on appeal”, without mentioning the annulment of this conviction by the Court of Cassation in December. The facts will be retried by the Lyon Court of Appeal on May 7.

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On TF1, Richard Berry recalled his position according to which he considers these accusations to be “false”. The lawyers also regretted the absence of mention by Bruce Toussaint of a circular from the Minister of Justice of February 2021: Éric Dupond-Moretti had requested that the reason for “prescription” be used to classify preliminary investigations “only” when the facts “do indeed constitute an offense” but are too old to be judged.

While Richard Berry is once again on the stage of a Parisian theater, where he reproduces four emblematic pleadings, his daughter’s lawyers believe that this program allowed him to “promote himself by evacuating the accusations against him . This is not acceptable,” accuse the lawyers. TF1 “takes note but, at this stage, does not comment,” indicated the channel, requested by AFP.