This is a new stage in the titanic Notre-Dame project. The Paris Cathedral found this Friday the framework of its nave, destroyed along with its spire in a fire in 2019. The Desmont workshops, master of traditional arts responsible for its reconstruction, made the announcement via a photo of the carpenters and renderers at the top of the work, completed on March 8.

This photo, liked by thousands of Internet users, is making the rounds on social networks after being published by the public establishment on its Facebook and Instagram “Rebuilding Notre-Dame de Paris” accounts. We see the teams of craftsmen wearing construction helmets through the solid oak wood of the nave frame and on scaffolding as well as a bouquet at the end of the work as tradition dictates.

This spectacular restoration operation is the work of the Desmont workshops, in Eure. No mechanical tools were used for the reconstruction, only medieval techniques, identical to those of 13th century carpenters.

“Titanic work accomplished!”, greeted the RN deputy for Eure Katiana Levavasseur. “Congratulations to all these artisans who were able to recreate one identical to that of the 13th century,” the president of Reconquête Éric Zemmour also reacted on X. “How great France is when its talents are put at the service of our identity!”, welcomed the former presidential candidate.

The choir frame, also collapsed in the fire, had already been rebuilt in January. The spire, rebuilt identically to that of the 19th century architect Viollet Le Duc, is also nearing completion with the installation of its lead cover and the gradual dismantling of the forest of scaffolding which supports it. surrounded.

It should be perceptible in the sky of Paris without any further hindrance for the Olympic Games (July 26-August 11) in the French capital while the cathedral is due to reopen on December 8.