The U.S. government approved the sale of 44 launchers and missiles Betgram of the air defense system, Thaad to Saudi Arabia, according to US media on Wednesday (local time), citing the US Ministry of foreign Affairs reported. Accordingly, the agreement was signed on Monday. The value of the weapons amounts to 15 billion dollars.

Thaad, the US defence group Lockheed Martin attacking Short – and medium-range missiles up to 150 kilometers altitude intercept. The missile has a range of 1000 kilometers. The advanced interception system of the United States has already been sold in the United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

for three and a half years of the Yemen war, the Houthi rebels briefly fired range missiles to Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom leads a military coalition that fought with the air, the Yemeni government in attacks against the Iranian-supported Houthi rebels. Washington provides the Saudis among other things, weapons, ammunition and Intelligence.


However, the Parliament, the indignation grows in U.S. over the Yemen war, with disastrous consequences for the civilian population. After the assassination of the Saudi journalist and regime critic Jamal Khashoggi the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul the opponents of aid are gaining ground to the Saudis.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to have a debate next week on a Resolution, the President Donald Trump to the end of the support of Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war could force.

Khashoggi was on 2. October went to the Consulate in Istanbul to papers to pick up – and never came back. Saudi Arabia confessed to after massive international pressure that the government was killed by a critic.

The king’s house pretends to have nothing known about it. The discussion revolves around the question of whether the crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman was behind the murder. (Dec/sda)

Created: 29.11.2018, 13:44 PM