It is touch on, but unique.

the Danes prefer Danish Radios newly manufactured advent calendar ‘Theo & The Magic Talisman’ ahead of TV2’s genbrugsproduktet ’the Twins and Santa claus’.

It shows the brand new figures from Kantar Gallup.

In decembers first two days drew DR’s bid for this year’s advent calendar, respectively 847.000 and 853.000 viewers to the screen on Saturday and Sunday. Thus was the christmas calendar of the week’s two most-watched programs.

a Little further down the list you will find TV2’s julekalender ’the Twins and santa claus’, which was first shown in 2013. Here five years later so 741.000 with Saturday 1. december, and 744.000 turned on the tv 2. december. It ranks at the fourth – and the fifth most-watched program.

‘Theo & The Magic Talisman’ has been given the best start. Photo: DR

Ekstra critic Henrik Queitsch had a hard time choosing, when he reported the first few paragraphs. Here came the answer to whether you should choose the DR1 or TV2:

’the Answer is fortunately simple. You must see them both.’

In the assessment of ‘Theo & The Magic Talisman’ said the notifier:

‘After a slightly stiff start account it is quite promising with a nice Güvenilir Bahis Siteleri balance between the fantasy elements (which really comes into play from the third section) and the daily life, as most viewers (of any age) probably will be able to recognize something of themselves in.’

Just so excited he was for the TV2-tender ’the Twins and santa claus’.

‘Although the concept is not noisy original, so fails the execution does not matter even if the special effects already look a little aged out, despite the fact that there are only five years’, said the notification, which you can read below.

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He completed its assessment of the two julekalendere with a call to simply to see them both.

‘There is, in other words not so much to go wrong. Forward with klejnerne and pebernødderne, and gather the family around an hour (you have fortunately coordinated sendetiderne on the two channels, and it fits on all the ways fine with that the smallest are in bed) good, old-fashioned flow-screen tv. Certain things one should not tamper with.’