Since last September and the end of her Nonante-Cinq Tour, her second tour, Angèle has been discreet. Until her notable appearances during Paris Fashion Week, which intrigued her fans. But the holidays seem to be well and truly over: the Belgian singer announced the release of a new single on March 8, in a duet with Italian star Alessandro Mahmood.

This collaboration, although surprising, is far from the first for Angèle. The interpreter of Balance ton quoi has already associated his voice with that of music signatures, such as the rappers Damso, Swing, Romeo Elvis and Orelsan. But also Philippe Katerine or Tamino. Or, of course, Dua Lipa in 2020 with whom she signed a duet in French and English. The British star was to allow Angèle to open the doors to the international scene; in 2023, she had booked eleven dates in North America.

This year, it is with the Italian Mahmood that she signs a new title. “Thank you Angèle for writing this song with me,” testifies the singer on Instagram, after having left the suspense hovering for several weeks around the artist who collaborates with him on Semper/Jamais. The track will appear on Mahmood’s new album entitled Nei letti degli altri (In the Bed of Others). Recently, to the Italian media Sky tg24, the singer explained the origin of the name of the record: “I think of the bed in the first rented apartment, of my mother’s and mine in her house, of those where we are late and betrayed . In the different beds, I thought a lot, I exorcised many demons […] The album brings together so much about me and the way I saw the people I met in recent times years”.

The singer, revealed to the general public in 2012 in the TV show X-Factor, is one of the sure values ​​of the transalpine music scene. His song Soldi, which has more than 200 million streams on Spotify, allowed him to represent his country at Eurovision 2019 and climb to second place. The same year, the singer was the big winner of the San Remo festival, an unmissable event for Italian music. His first album, Gioventù Bruciata (Burnt Youth) made it to the charts in Italy, not without displeasing the far right. “Mahmood… Bof… The most beautiful Italian song?” laments Matteo Salvini, Minister of the Interior at the time.

Three years later, in 2022, Mahmood does it again and triumphs again in San Remo, this time with Brividi, a title in collaboration with singer Blanco. The two men continued with Eurovision, where they finished in 6th place. Two years later, Mahmood returns with Nei letti degli altri, a promising album of which one of the tracks, Tuta Gold, is already well established at first place on the Billboard Italy Hot 100.