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Love you too William Morris delightfully patterned wallpaper? Now you can do more than decorate. Visit Millesgårdens William Morris exhibition, dress in H&M’s new collection with the Morris-patterned clothing and decorate it with pillows from Norrgavel.

At Millesgården in Stockholm will be an exhibition of the versatile English designer William Morris, whose ideas about craft and quality spread across the whole of Europe at the turn of the century 1900. It presents his life and achievements with artwork, wallpaper, fabrics and furniture. It is the story of a successful businessman and factory owner, and which at the same time was a fervent socialist.

Photo: Millesgården, Malin ArnessonPå Millesgarden museum displayed an exhibition about William Morris’s life’s work.

William Morris (1834-1896) was a Sultanbet real jack of all trades, who during his 62-year-old life could devote themselves to such different things as art, architecture, conservation of old buildings, as well as design and crafts. He was the author of novels and poetry, he started the publishing house and designer fonts. He was interested in the icelandic fairy tales that he translated to English. He was a socialist but also a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

Kuddfodralet ”Belleflowers”, 1, 250 sek, Norrgavel.

It is noticeable that William Morris designs are still popular. In addition to all the wallpapers are using now, Is his pattern for a pillow, we hope for more. H&M is releasing in few days her new collection of clothes with the designs of William Morris. Blouses, skirts, dresses, all with the delightful colours and soft shapes..

Photo: H&MH&M’s new collection with designs by William Morris.