Fake mails from the tax administration is just now in circulation. It informs the tax administration on Twitter.

– in General, we will never ask you to disclose an account number, social security number or other personal information. We will typically inform you that there is a new preliminary or similar, you must decide to tell the press officer from the tax administration, Rikke Madsen to Ekstra Bladet.

– If you are in doubt, you must not be clicking on anything. You can always go into the TAX.dk and log in, so that you do not click on any link in any mail, continues Rikke Madsen.

If you are in doubt whether you have received a fake mail or not, regard Rikke Madsen to go into Skattestyrelsens cratosslot website. Here you can see, among other examples of how the fake emails look like.

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Rikke Madsen recommends that you use Skattestyrelsens own website to find out whether a mail is fake or not. Photo credit: TAX.dk

Rikke Madsen foklarer in addition, to the fraudsters using Skattestyrelsens official logo in mailsne, and points out that, – if the accident is out – must respond with the same.

– You are always welcome to contact us, if you think you have got fake mail. If you already have submitted some information, which one ought not to give, it is important that you contact the police, ends Rikke Madsen.

According to Rikke Madsen, it is yet unclear, how many persons who have received a fake mail, it comes about.