More bad news for Apple. After being singled out for the waves emitted by its iPhone 12, the Californian firm could soon be faced with a strike by employees of some of its stores in France, Le Figaro learned, confirming information from Libération.

For the moment, no “notice of strike has yet been filed”, it is indicated, but the Apple Retail France inter-union, behind this threat, stands ready to act. This brings together the CFDT, Unsa, CGT and C.I.D.R.E. The organizations particularly want “a significant salary increase”, the “end of the recruitment freeze”, “standardization of benefits” between all employees or even “a vision of the company’s long-term strategies”.

The inter-union must meet its “employer next Tuesday”. Depending on “the response provided” by Apple, it could then call employees to strike. If necessary, the mobilization would take place on a particularly sensitive date: “the day of the launch of the iPhone 15”, that is to say September 22. If the strike is voted on, the movement will be “national and rallies will be planned in front of certain Apple Stores, notably that of the Opera”, specifies the inter-union association in Le Figaro. Contacted, Apple has not yet reacted to this announcement.