Marcus and Martinus Gunnars occur in Finland 16. June. Now the duo told the newspaper the private life.Marcus and Martin greeted the Finnish fans on the evening magazine video.

and Martin Gunnars together constitute norway’s most popular popduon. The fans are to them very important. Only instagram in the duo more than 1.5 million people. The question of a possible courtship of the fan with both answer without hesitation.

– of Course I could, Marcus to start.

– I Could be dating a fan, Martin said.

Also Finnish dating fits us both.

Why not, fits well, Marcus Gunnars to inform and Martin nod next.

the 17-year-old twins have made music for years. Still, they believe they are similar to his career at the initial stage.

– we Are still the same as at the beginning. Hair are little changed and we are now extended, but otherwise we’re the same, Marcus Gunnars told the evening newspaper.

Marcus & Martinus popduo born singers in just 10 years. The brothers won the Melodi Grand Prix Junior singing competition. Initially, the duo released songs in Norwegian, now in English.

Marcus and Martin have come to perform in many locations, where previously only dreamed of. In 2020, the duo is scheduled to head to a bigger tour, but in the year 2019, the front is just assorted appearances. The band wants to create new music, that’s why appearances is reduced. One of the appearances will be a June gig in Helsinki.

Marcus and Martin appear next time in Finland in June. Kaisa Vehkalahti

Finland has become familiar to both the previous job. Both have come to taste, for example, on salted liquorice chocolate and karelian pies.

we Like to visit here. It’s great that we have so many fans. We have them grateful.

child stardom, despite neither of which have been using fees for anything silly. All funds are waiting for an adult’s bank account.

– we Expect adults. We’re saving for cars and houses, Martinus Gunnars tell.

the Duo bickering with each other on a daily basis. Still, they are each other’s best friends. Wherever Martin goes, there goes Marcus. It is both totally okay. Disputes arise for little things, but they will not remember later.

we fought many times a day, but the small things. We argue the small things, like seating arrangements. Sometimes another said that why you’re sitting there, it is my place and the second is the fact that the not otherwise have. A small, Marcus Gunnars tell.