the Smell of the bonfire from the fires is the fireplaces were not to be mistaken by Tuesday at Fredensborg Castle.

On the tætklippede lawn in front of the stairs up to the castle was 20 downed dåhjorte, roe deer and foxes from kongejagten in Gribskov, north of Copenhagen, lined up in a row at the vildtparaden.

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The solemn ritual that usually takes place in a closed circle, was a rare once been to a public event, where the royals and their eleusinian mysteries showed today’s prey.

the Royal family has a long tradition to keep chasing. The invitees will meet at the ottetiden to a jagtparole and chases, until the sun goes down, where it downed game is being shown up by a vildtparade. Photo: Mogens Flindt
Novemberjagten of the Competition, which otherwise used to be prince Henry, was this time the the queen’s, but since she doesn’t hunt – even though she actually has taken the hunting license – chaired the crown prince an under the canopy.

It could clearly be seen on the attendance list, that prince Henrik is no longer holding this hunt.

You have to look long after the many French princes, who else graced the list with their long and exotic names.

They were on the queen’s kongejagt


Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

Hubertus Prinz von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha

Prinz Ferdinand zu Schleswig-Holstein

Chamberlain the same and count Bendt Tido Wedell

the collection of Count Christoffer Knuth

Chamberlain and the landowner Jørgen Skeel

the Chamberlain, the same, and count Michael Brockenhuus-Schack

Chamberlain Fritz Schur

Lieutenant-general Kjeld Hillingsø

the Same, and baron Otto Reedtz-Thott

the Same, landowner and baron Philip von Malsen-Plessen

Count and a Left-rapporteur Marcus Knuth

the Chamberlain, the same, the landowner and count Christian Moltke

Landowner Carl Frederik Bruun

the Owner of Bestseller, Anders Holch Povlsen

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On the same hunt last year avoided the crown prince Frederik of denmark the Danish friends of the old nobility by, among other things, to invite a number of top business people.

the Queen took care, however, yesterday, that the nobility in the form of, among other things, the family Knuth, Michael Brockhuus-Schack and Jørgen Skeel were taken into account.

Author Søren Jakobsen, who are behind the books ’Overklasseliv’ and ’Overklassemagt’, estimates that the queen in his choice of the old Kaçak Bahis nobility show respect for the royal family’s traditions and usages.

well-Known Welcome to the royale jagtklub

– It is the mother and son, who have made it here, the list of participants. It is the closest friends. There has been little talk in the hooks that the crown prince oversaw some of the old nobility.

– It makes the queen is not here. It is top of the pops, and they must not feel that they are forgotten, ” says Soren Jakobsen.

Bendt Tido Wedell owner country estates Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg and have gone on hunting with his royal highness crown prince Frederik and prince Joachim since his youth. Photo: Mogens Flindt
According to Søren Jakobsen is Bendt Tido Wedell, Jørgen Skeel, Carl Frederik Bruun and Anders Holch Povlsen all the crown prince’s choice.

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the Latter owns Bestseller, and according to Berlingske good for 40,9 billion.

an old invitationsliste from novemberjagten of the Competition two years ago, it appears that Anders Holch Povlsen was also invited at the time, just as he was for the crown prince’s private 50th birthday at Fredensborg Palace in may.

the crown prince invited toperhvervsfolk on its kongejagt in the Competition last year

Sten Scheibye, chairman of Novo Nordisk Foundation

Anders Wilhjelm, ceo of Solar A/S

Niels Jacobsen, director of William Demant Invest A/S

Niels Smedegaard, director OF DFDS A/S

Richard Sand, chairman of the Hempel Foundation

Fritz Schur, chamberlain

Poul Due Jensen, vice president, Grundfos A/S

Niels de Conick-Smith, president of the Roya Greenland A/S

Søren Bjerre-Nielsen, chairman of the national Bank

Jens H., Garly, the chief of the Guard

Christian Friis Bach, secretary general of the Danish Refugee council

Peter Christensen, former minister of defense

Claus Lind Christensen, chairman of the Danish Jægerforbund

Niels officers ‘ school Reventlow, chamberlain and the same

Per Rohrmann Wesselhoff, director of Private Banking Elite at Danske Bank

Marcus Knuth, count and udlændingeordfører in the Left

Carl Frederik Bruun, landowner

Peter Ilsøe, ceo of the Danish Nature agency

Christian Schønau, hofchef and chamberlain

Jens Bjerregaard Christensen, royal jægermester

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Søren Jakobsen emphasises that it is no coincidence that Anders Holch Povlsen go again.

– Anders Holch Povlsen is good to stay friends with, if you care little for hunting and to get sponsorship, because his estates in Scotland, surpassing queen Elizabeth’s in the land.

– So if you want to think a little bit on the future, it is very good to invite him, ” says Soren Jakobsen.