for years, members of the Danish royal family has been extremely nice running. Some of hestekræfterne has been inherited, the other bought, but many have also been gifts from generous car importers, who have seen a scam to get publicity by providing their latest model to the members of the royal family.

Especially in the context of round birthdays and familieforøgelser is the royal fleet has been expanded at no cost to the crowned heads themselves.

But now it’s over.

in the Future thank the royal family members no to the free, four-wheel toys. It informs the royal family’s communications department to Ekstra Bladet.

– It may well be, it was such once upon a time, but today receives the royal family are not cars as gifts just like the royal family members do not participate in direct marketing of companies and products.

the Royal family’s communications department does not want to disclose to Ekstra Bladet, when this amendment enters into force, or whether it also applies to other expensive gifts like for example, both the.

On the question of whether there are rules for what the royal family actually do receive, is the answer thus:

– We use our common sense.

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Jens Høvsgaard, journalist and author of the book ‘It costs a kingdom’, surprised the royal family’s volte-face.

– It is damn an exceptional news. It is something of a sea change. So, it benefits as something to write about it, for they are listening apparently, once in a while, he notes with a laugh, to Ekstra Bladet.

– How surprising is it?

– It is a little surprising, but it is a happy surprise. It is also imperative if you want to have a respect for the royal family. The time calls for transparency, so it is only right, because in the past it has been unclear who paid what in relation to sponsorgaver in the form of cars, boats and miscellaneous transport. It makes no sense that they can’t pay even when you give them an elevated position and a reasonably good apanage, he explains.

the Sociologist Christoph Ellersgaard Sociologist who is the author of ’the power elite’ and assistant professor at the CBS, indicate that the absence of Danish car manufacturers may be the reason why you have said no thank you to the cars.

– With the type of gaveøkonomi you might owe anyone anything. And it is hard to defend, gets a free car, when we do not have the Danish car manufacturers. You can’t cover themselves with promoting Danish products or jobs, when the royal family driving around in a Volvo, and then it becomes very clear that the act only billboards, he explains.

At both the Swedish and Norwegian royal family is gaveregnen from the business stopped for the longest time.

In 2003, the liberal Swedish hofstaldmester, Mertil Melin, the end of the to receive, for example, expensive cars.

– at the Time supplied both the Saab and Volvo free cars to the Swedish royal family. I believed from the start that it is an unhealthy culture, because you end up in a situation where these companies can expect to get some services in return for their gifts, and where you have no control over how they use pictures and manufactures the royals, he has previously explained to Ekstra Bladet.

then followed ’colleagues’ in Norway to follow in 2016.

– We try to make it clear that we do not have ties to anyone, told king Harald on the resolution in 2015.

– It is an example of the royal family has changed as society has changed. Earlier, it was completely o.k. to take gifts in various situations where it is not right to do it. Now there are much stricter rules. In the same way we have changed and introduced a new practice, explained hofchef by the Norwegian hof Gry Mølleskog to the Extra Leaf in 2016.

Gifts from individuals and organizations is, however, still welcome.

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Trbet ——— SPLIT ELEMENT ———

A selection of some of the royal family’s wild bilgaver

for many years, was not made a secret of the royal family’s close relationship with automakers. Here, Margaret is a Volvo 18-year’s gift. The price was then 26.210 crowns – the equivalent of 381.616 crowns in nutidskroner. Photo: Politiken

When Frederik turned 18, he got, among other things, a Volvo 480 ES given. Price: 294.407 or 576.904 crowns today. It was a good business for the Swedish automaker, as the car subsequently became known as the ‘prinsebilen’. Photo: Jens Dresling

Prince Joachim was also nice running, when he was of age. He got a Mercedes 190 E, the importer Bohstedt-Petersen to a value of 471.935 crowns and staggering 924.778 crowns anno 2018. Photo: Bo Swan/Ritzau Scanpix

In 1987, was Frederik Volvo unfaithful, when he got his black BMW M3. Price: 688.827 dollars or 1.3 million dollars today. Photo: Jytte Bjerregaard/Polfoto

In 2003 gave the Mitsubishi prince Henrik a and other areas model Pajero for 727.000 crowns. It was a good ’trade’ for the company, as ’the car was in many journals and magazines’, explained then-director Casper Schlutz to B. T.

Among the five(!) cars, the crown prince and crown princess received on the occasion of their wedding in 2004 was this Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible for a value of 740.000 euros. Here, the up to the photo with the giver Peter Hansen. Photo: Chris Nørgaard Hansen

Marie Cavallier got a Cadillac BLS Diesel as a wedding present to almost half a million from the Andersen & Martini. Photo: Andersen & Martini

Prince Nikolai had to ‘settle’ with a Renault Twingo, when he became of age in august 2017. It is available for under 100,000 dollars. Photo: PR


Other rules for Nikolai

on Monday it emerged that the car rental company Sixt had advertised that the 19-year-old prince Nikolai had ‘chosen car on line rental from Sixt All-Inclusive’. It was stated in a press release, which has subsequently been deleted.

the Royal family’s communications department was in a hurry to regret on behalf of the prince, who according to them are not allowed to advertise on the way.

– Royal market not companies or products. Prince Nikolai regrets the mistake, now corrected, it sounded from the royal family’s communications department.

The formulation was Extra Magazine to bosses – for had not both nikolai’s father and uncle made precisely the same several times?

Yes, but it is over, reads the message from the royal family’s communications department that no comments have to look out for, to modelprinsen Nikolai had not entered into an agreement with Sixt.

According to his mother, countess Alexandra, had the young prince just said yes to get your photo taken for internal use in the company.

Prince Nikolai at his fødsesldag 28. august 2017. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

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Bildirektør: I can’t afford anymore

Peter Hansen is the executive director of the Andersen & Martini, and gave in the course of a four-year period in a total of three expensive cars to princess Mary and princess Marie.

First, a royal blue Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible for Mary in connection with her and Frederik’s wedding. Since it was swapped right on over to a station wagon, as the princess Isabella came to in 2007. And in 2008, princess Marie of a Cadillac.

As the kronprinsfamilien was expanded with the twins in 2011 offered the Peter Hansen family an even bigger family car, but it was never relevant, he explains to Extra Bladet.

the Director describes himself as a royalist, but usually do not dealings with the royal family. He has not acted as the unofficial purveyor for ten years and is, therefore, not upset the royal family’s surprising announcement that it kind of the great gifts of the past.

– No, not at all. It is also very expensive, he notes, and adds that he got the u.s. General Motors, which at the time owned both brands, to pay the bill.

– You have previously sent messages out about the gifts. Are you missing much advertising now?

frankly, no. It was limited in what it gave. But it’s good at marketing. You have no idea whether the money is well given out, he says with a laugh and adds:

– If someone asked me today, I would say that I really have no advice.