Prince William’s Bon Jovi fan.

In 2013, prince William , Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi put together Livin’on A Prayer-the song of the Kensington palace during the Winter Whites gala. The occasion was part of the charity campaign, which raised funds for Betsmove the homeless to help.

Prince William likes to sing. Description from 2016. ZUMAWIRE/MVPHOTOS

Youtube the song the video has already received over two million views. As the video from the trio’s performances brilliantly.

Jon Bon Jovi is known for example, the songs Runaway and Always. The man arrived in Tallinn in June.

Taylor Swift is, in turn, the award-winning american singer. His song forms a part, for example, Shake It Off and Delicate.

If the video is not showing, you can watch it also here.