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Stefan Källvik, 50, already knew three years ago that he wanted to do something for those who feel alone in society. And now he sees it as a self-evident tradition.

– Can I make a man happy so I’m happy, ” he says.

For the third year in a row, the Ica-merchant Stefan Källvik, such as Aftonbladet wrote about earlier, arrange the christmas celebration for those who are lonely on christmas eve in his shop in Säffle.

– It gives so much back. We got to experience the warmth and joy of the first year, even then, when we sat in the car on the way home from the store so we said that we need to do, even next year, ” he says and continues:

– The feeling of love has appeared year after year, now we run the third year and it feels awesome.

For them, the tradition is a matter of course.

– Christmas is a festival that has become so palpable for those who are alone or who are knocked out in the society. When you see these people coming to the store and eat together with us and other guests so spread the warmth, joy, and Kaçak Bahis love. It gets hot in the entire premises. You get handshakes of the guests as a thank you for the initiative, it gives so very much back.

1 of 2 | Photo: Private/TTAlla is welcome to stefan’s shop on christmas eve.”Do not close the door for any”

On christmas eve served up a christmas dinner with a subsequent dessertbort. The celebration lasts from 11:30 – 13:30. In addition to food, guests may listen to a troubadour that plays music and a christmas gift.

All sorts are welcome. Alone, they might have run out of money and those who test christmas dinner for the first time.

” the First year was the flow of refugees with the many unaccompanied and then, we took the opportunity to think about the integration – to make them feel welcome to our community and try our tradition. I’m not closing the door for anyone.

For him it feels more than right to contribute to society, ” he says.

– Can I make a man happy so I’m happy, it is my goal to make a person happy during christmas.