Sweden’s match winner enjoyed after the 5-4 victory that could have broken the blue and yellow finalsviten.

” I kept telling myself to dare, I just saw online. I looked at the goalie (Pascal Meier) eyes when I went up, then it was just pushing into it. I’ve done it before, ” says Rasmus Enström to Swedish floorball federation on the straffrysaren.

Sweden was invited, as expected, the tough resistance of Switzerland is the latest nation which defeated the blue and yellow segermaskinen.

Sweden had lined up 13 straight steps prior to Saturday’s semifinals, and it was a completely even first period where the hill Robin Nilsberth after a lightning-fast game sideways put ledningsmålet behind the goalkeeper Pascal Meier.

on a hard shot from Jan Zaugg that went over the shoulder of Swedish goalie Johan Rehn.

Also, the second period was signed even and it became much tougher with the hard närkamper and physical game.

At 46 seconds made in Sweden two goals.

Robin Nilsberth scored his second goal when he put the 2-1 after 6.20 and then Kim Nilsson 3-1.

by Luca Graf and was extremely close to acknowledgement a couple of times, but Sweden’s was saved by Johan Rehn’s storspel a couple of times.

In the third period chockstartade Switzerland and Grandbetting leveled one after 45 seconds.

Patrick Mendelin finish deceived Johan Rehn of the Swedish pen.

An expulsion of the Rasmus Sundstedt gave Switzerland the chance to take the lead.

But Sweden defended well in two minutes, and then got himself a powerplay without scoring a goal.

did Patrick Mendelin 4-3, but Sweden equalized after a brilliant collaboration between Storvretaduon Alexander Rudd and Albin Sjögren, where the latter was the scorer.

the Extension was dramatic, but it was Sweden, they created the best chances.

But some targets were not.

the semi-final on penalties.

Sweden changed into the goalkeeper Måns Parsjö-In which was successful.

He passed two penalties, the second and third.

But the big hero was Rasmus Enström, which settled and took Sweden to the twelfth straight finals.

On Sunday there is the chance for the ninth world CHAMPIONSHIPS gold medal.

crucial to their decision:

” It’s goose bumps. It is a bit relief also. We got a good start on penalty kicks, then they started to put them, and we missed out. Then came the pressure on my shoulders. I usually say ”genius or idiot”. I was the genius. We are in the final, that is the goal, ” says Rasmus Enström to Swedish floorball federation about their decision,

Now waiting for the world CUP final against Finland again.

– In the two years I have grämt me of penalty kicks, when we lost in Riga. Now here we are again, in a new world CUP finals. It’s not the younger directly. Enjoy, take advantage of it and win, ” says Rasmus Enström.