And a new game proposed by the FDJ. After the “Golden Ticket”, a scratch game launched at the beginning of January, or the EuroDreams drawing game, launched last October, this is the latest addition to the Française des Jeux family. Its name, “Crescendo”, a new scratch ticket available from this Tuesday at points of sale.

Sold at the price of 3 euros, it offers a very simple game mechanic: simply scratch the boxes on which there are question marks, as well as the star-shaped boxes on the sides, the latter corresponding to the winning numbers . “If one or more of your numbers correspond to one or more winning numbers, you win the associated winnings which you multiply by the multiplier (x1, x2, x5 or x10) of the same game zone,” explains the FDJ.

The maximum prize is enough to turn heads: 100,000 euros. Much more, for example, than the best-sellers Astro (up to 25,000 euros) or Black Jack (up to 40,000 euros). Without going as far as winning 100,000 euros, which only two tickets contain, players can win 1000 euros, 50 euros, 30 euros, 15 euros, 6 euros or 3 euros. In total, “you have a chance in 3.96 of winning,” notes the FDJ.