“Our fight has been used for something”: the 72 strikers of the Vertbaudet childcare brand, mobilized since March 20 at the Marquette-lez-Lille (North) warehouse, signed an agreement on Friday with management ending more than two months of tense mobilization. “The management of Vertbaudet announces the conclusion of an end-of-strike protocol concluded with the representatives of the CGT of the company”, affirmed the management. “It includes the lifting of the picket” at midnight “and the return to work of the 72 strikers” on Tuesday.

“We are very happy, our fight has been used for something, financially I will have to restrict myself a little in the coming months but it was worth it,” rejoiced Anaïs Vanneuville, a striker. “Our return conditions will be discussed on Monday” the idea being “that we return in small groups over different time slots” to calm tensions with non-striking employees, she added.

The end-of-conflict agreement “provides that no sanctions will be taken against the strikers” while some had been summoned for preliminary interviews for dismissal, said Amar Lagha, secretary general of the CGT commerce and services, welcoming the an “unprecedented victory”. The outcome was found after a gesture from management, which had opened compulsory annual negotiations (NAO) in advance for the year 2024 between May 26 and June 1.