So there is not long to.

Season eight of ‘Game of Thrones’ will premiere april but already now the people behind the series started to heat up under the fans. This morning could the danes wake up to another trailer, which, admittedly, does not directly reveal much of the plot, but which shows a wolf, it shall be eaten up of the ice, while the lion burning in the flames.

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In the series representing the wolf of the house Stark, while the lion is the symbol of house Lannister – the competitor, as the Danish Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, indeed, representing in the ‘Game of Thrones’. And already now is the analysis and the theories started.

‘It looks as if there is a wall of drageglas (which can kill the white walkers, red.)’, writes a user on Twitter.

’the Wolf and the dragon froze into ice, while the lion burned. What does it mean?’

The other users a break. Among them is Ana.

’the Wolf and the lion smoking of the larynx to each other. We Jokerbet will soon be in the war, my friend.’

movie Reviews – 14. nov. 2018 – at. 15:01 a Sin and a shame: Danish krigsdrama falls heavily to the ground.

this is The special wall of the drageglas, there is speculation, very among the fans. Mainly because it is one of the few means the people in the series actually has to fight the army of the dead with the approaching from the north.

the Danish Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in ‘Game of Thrones’. Photo: AP

Others, however, could not be more indifferent to the trailer. They wonder still of a detail from the show’s first season, where Tyrion Lannisters squire is so good in bed, that he do not have to pay at a brothel. As the user GameChanger writes on YouTube:

‘Will they finally answer the main question? What was it exactly Podrick did to those whores?’

Just the detail we get hardly with.