Södra Ängby has left the position as the district with the highest turnout – 94,3% in the year – from the last two elections.

the Individual precincts with the highest turnout in North Ängby middle with 95.6 per cent, Ålsten, 94.8 per cent and Södra Ängby, 94,3%, but also in Skarpnäcks garden city with 94,2%.

in this year’s municipal elections had the district of Husby with 51.9 percent. There was a reduction of 4.8 percentage points compared with the previous elections. The district of Rinkeby had the second lowest voter turnout of 53.9% which was an increase of 2.2 percentage points compared with 2014. At the election in 2010 was the district of the only ones where fewer than half of those entitled to vote participated in the municipal elections.

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Akalla shows a large decline in this year’s Taraftarium election with a decrease of the turnout by 7.7 percentage points, as well as the Chest, where the decline was 4.7 percentage points. In most of the districts with a low turnout, there was an increase in this year’s election.

The lowest voter turnout among the individual wards showed Nidarosgatan in the Chest with 45.7 per cent. In a further five constituencies participated, fewer than half of those entitled to vote in the election, Rinkebysvängen the north with 47.8 percent, Stångholmsbacken with several in Skärholmen, with 48.3%, the University, 48.7 per cent, Husby C, with 49.2 per cent and Nydal in Tensta, with 49.7 per cent.

between the municipality and parliamentary elections have Feminist Initiative and the Liberals. Both of them have better results in the local election than in the parliamentary elections in all six constituencies.

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the moderate party, the Centre party, the social democrats and The sweden democrats did a better election than for municipal elections in all six constituencies. The party remained at the same level.