Lauryn Hill is not known for being punctual, and the reputation she lived indeed up to in the Forum.

39 minutes late getting divaen finally on the stage with the not-so-well-chosen words:

– Are you ready?

Yes, it had the sold-out arena been a long time. But it was Hill clearly does not.

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the Star has had plenty of time to get ready. She is on the road with the concerts, which celebrates that it is 20 years ago, she released generationsklassikeren ’The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, which amazingly enough still is her first, last and only studio album in his own name.

the world has more than 19 million bought the plate, who built the bridge between soul and hip hop and is considered a major work in the popularisation of R&B and rap.

Style has always had big problems with the transfer of the delicious studio productions to the ordinary, and it failed for the Hill.

The 43-year-old songwriter from New Jersey tried to replace the sound with a more hårdtpumpet and energetic in expression, that fell to the ground as a hot dog from a full man’s hands.

ltd tel sales hiboled phone was anything prettier than the sound, which was once again muddy and undifferentiated in the Forum. Photo: Henning Hjorth
once there appeared headless and forced, while tracks like ’Lost Ones’, ’Everything Is Everything’ and ’Doo Wop (That Thing)’ was left of the ordinary in the weird, bombastic arrangements, where Hill strained had to press Savoybetting the voice to be heard, so it veered shrill yelling.

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Midway in the one and a half hour long set came to be exceptionally track of the mess in the form of an appealing ’Final Hour’, and Hill almost seemed balanced, before she once again threw himself into more aimless chaos.

She is a prima donna – but not a prima donna.

’Ex-Factor’ began decent, but then it should also maltrakteres with a completely uncalled for and insanely screeching guitar solo.

the Experience was no less rousing to the organizers apparently were so rapacious that they had chosen to close the 8000, even though the concert originally was announced to take place in the Forums, relatively new Black Box which is a scaled-down and more intimate version of the betonhangaren with space for 5000.

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Apart from the balconies on the sides were blocked and there was hung a pair of dark sheets up, then everything was sadly at the old man in the maligned building. Black Box was completely black.

the Hill ended with a few hits from the time in The Fugees. First she took the fast life of ’Killing Me Softly With His Song’, and ‘Ready or Not’ stressed that she still was not ready.

It will she probably never. the

the Star’s previous concerts in Copenhagen took place, among others, the Vega, and Falconer Salen. Photo: Henning Hjorth

Lost Ones

Everything Is Everything


When it Hurts So Bad

Final Hour

Every Ghetto, Every City

Forgive Them Father


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

To Zion

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Tell Him

Doo Wop (That Thing)

Killing Me Softly With His Song

Ready or Not