Jesus. Then you have gudhjælpemig seen it. Unfortunately.

on Tuesday, came Mariah carey’s christmas show for the Royal Arena, and if one had looked forward to a game of heartwarming højtidsunderholdning, were you disappointed, like when you get a package of nails for christmas.

It was more creepy than cozy, as the superstar appeared in a snow-white dress, which appeared so extensive that the three bodyguards could hide inside under the skirt.

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the Scene was apparently built of mexican silk. Also called nylon.

It was not christmas on Amager. It was christmas in Las Vegas complete with children – both her own and others ‘ – christmas tree, gifts, dancers, snow, santa claus, reindeer and, inevitably, an assistant who made divaens hair, as it was a little uglet after a costume-changes, which involved a furry form of headgear.

But not enough of it.

the 48-year-old miss Mariah also got the help of a local choir consisting of among others the painter Jasmin Gabay from ’The big bagedyst’, but it was not her fault, that there went cake in the.

It did kransekagefiguren itself.

Personagen can clearly still sing, so you’re afraid that the same lenses (and eardrums) bursts, but she’s sloppy and seemed a little careless with a stake that belonged to a sound check. The kind of contestant she probably just not in.

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compared to other great singers like Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin contains Carey no warmth and charm, and she lacks the fundamental joy of the gospel.

As the skylark chirped ’Joy to the World’, there has probably rarely been less joy in the world.

Mariah conveys no emotions. The glazed skrigeskinke decides just to high heaven the cloud. It doesn’t matter whether she sings bageopskrifter, håndboldregler or the hymn book.

Ariana Grande is the new Mariah Carey. Or Mariah Carey has become the old Ariana Grande.

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Mariahs current album, ’Caution’, is in any case a massive flop compared to her career as one of history’s most successful music acts, and it is a sign of inadequacy, that she travels around with a show that is based on her megasællert ’Merry Christmas’ from 1994.

Spektaklet lasted a paltry 83 minutes, and the main character was well summed in the wardrobe at least a quarter of an hour along the way. Not that it made a big difference. The cheapest tickets cost even 450 million.

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As she read from a teleprompter and exclaimed, ’I love you!’ to the almost 9000 subdued fans, looked like hitmaker, who would rather at the hotel d’angleterre, order room service and watch a bad movie.

A completely daft notion. Oh God.

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Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

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Joy to the World

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