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Gabriella had never heard about the cruel disease that suddenly turned up and down on her life when it hit her father. She mourned and organized.

“I didn’t think I would get this far,” says Gabriella.

four years ago lost Gabriella Waldenström, 26, his father in ALS, a disease she had never heard of. To increase knowledge about the disease, she started the Facebook page ”Fuck ALS” where she informed about the disease and offered the manufactured in house bracelet in exchange for a gift for the benefit of ALS research.

– The first goal was just to get in around 10 000 sek with the help of only the family and relatives, ” says Gabriella.

But interest in the issue and desire to help was greater than she expected. The goal of sek 10 000 was reached quite so fast. Today, exactly four and a half years later, she received a million dollars to benefit the fight against ALS.

– I didn’t think I would get this far, ” says Gabriella.

A cruel disease

Disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a nerve disorder in which nerve cells in the brain, brainstem and spinal cord die. It leads to that the person’s muscles atrophy and paralyzes the body– at the same time as the brain is completely aware of what’s going on.

– For my dad it started with that he got the difficulty to lift a foot and grab things. Then he lost gradually the ability to walk. Finally, paralysis of the pharynx, and then he lost the ability to eat and talk, ” says Gabriella.

In the final stages put her dad in a permobil and communicated only through eye contact and a computer. The worst thing of all was that her dad was absolutely clear in the head.

– I think it is one of the most cruel diseases. Not that it affected my dad, but for what it does with a man, and that there is no cure, ” she says.

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After his father passed away, she wanted to draw attention to the disease. On the Facebook page ”Fuck ALS”, she began to share research studies, articles, and interviews focused on the disease and offered his self-made bracelet.

She decided on a target of 100 000 sek. Then became the target of 200 000 sek and gradually it has only increased. Now has over a million dollars collected via Fuck ALS.

– that means that 250 000 dollars come in per year, which is huge, ” she says.

”the Response has been enormous,”

Gabriella feel that the knowledge Holiganbet about the disease is very low. When she reached her father’s sjukdomsbesked she knew almost nothing about what ALS was for the illness and what it meant, something that she believes that more people can recognize themselves in and that is why the forum has been so important.

– the Response has been tremendous. You have found an affinity with all those who give and follow one and who may feel as I did, when I got this news in my life – so I had no one to talk to, ” she says.

Now the goal of 1 000 000 passes, but the collection is still running. The idea is still to finish the collection for the next step in the fight is to be the ambassador for Ulla-Carin Lindquists foundation for ALS research.

– I have come up with several targets multiple times, but the idea is still to step down now, ” says Gabriella.

Gabriella want to really push the community and the importance of doing things together. In addition to that, she managed to collect a awesome big amount so she is overwhelmed by people’s commitment and their willingness to be there.

– There have been very many people who wanted to get involved with me. I’ve done the bracelets – but the money has actually come in from all those who have donated.

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