This year ungdomshjälte+ FÖLJPRESENTERAS AVJojje, 5, picked two kilos of junk on the 400 meterSVENSKA HEROES

Femårige Jojje reacted on how scratchy it was along the way home from preschool and decided to make a bet.

two weeks ago was Karlskogabon Pernilla Lagergren and her femårige son Jojje on the way home from his nursery school – a distance of 400 metres. It was then that Jojje exclaimed: ”What scratchy it was here, can we not pick up the garbage”.

– I said, ”No, what’s disgusting, we can’t take it up now”.

But when Tiger looked around, she noticed that there was a lot of rubbish lying around.

– Then the suggested Jojje, that perhaps we could take a bag the day after and pick what we find, ” she says, and continues:

– So we did it, it was two kilos of debris on the 400 metres.

And then, they have continued to do purely in the society. Receipts, cigarette packs, snuff cans, glass bottles and tetrapack are just some of the things they found lying about.

– In the day before yesterday we took an extra tour with the bike, and had to empty the cykelkorgen Supertotobet five times.

1 of 3 | Photo: PrivatJojje, 5, picked up two kilos of debris on the 400 metres.

It is only after Jojje pointed out that it was scratchy as Pernilla saw it myself.

– You have not noticed it as an adult before, but one reigns when a child of five years notice to it, it was then that I felt the need to change, ” she says

Thanks to Jojjes initiatives have Pernilla together with him and his daughter Maja, 7, created hashtagen #garbageupdates on Instagram in order to inspire the other to keep it clean on the ground.

– We are running on this so we’ll see how many that hangs on, no one can do everything but everyone can do something. Everyone has a need to get out and move, then it is not so very hard to pick the debris on the road, ” she says, and continues:

and with that he is five years old and don’t really understand everything yet and then it comes with such an idea – then it feels like we as adults need to be able to make a difference.