A 36-year-old man has hosted a blodansamling up, when he was being treated for acute heart failure in the emergency department.

It is not the first time that something similar has happened, but blodklumpen is with its over 15 centimeters extraordinarily large, and it has been hosted up in one intact piece. It writes The Atlantic according to the Science.dk.

– We were amazed. It is a curiosity, and you just can’t grasp, and it is very, very, very rarely, says the man’s doctor, Georg Wieselthaler, to The Atlantic, according to Science.dk.

in Fact, there is talk about a perfect cast (in English ‘cast’) of the branched airways in the right lung. Afstøbningen is a collection of coagulated blood.

Through the years, we have seen several Wsbets cases of ophostede blodansamlinger, but this copy is, according to doctors, extraordinary large and substantial.

the Blood-the sculpture made it on to The New England Journal of the Medicines list with pictures of the fascinating, medical abnormalities, and a small studio on the has been released.

As part of the treatment of the man’s heart condition, doctors gave him Heparin, a blood thinning agent, just because the treatment can result in blood clots.

Despite that, it seems, for the man, due to infection, has had a high level of the protein fibrinogen in the blood.

It is also included in the blood størkningsproces and have been able to create and hold together the large accumulation of blood.

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