This year vårdhjälte+ FÖLJPRESENTERAS AVNu praised Susan for their fight – for the deaf Viggo, 7SVENSKA HEROES

STOCKHOLM. Viggo, 7, is deaf and was born with a complicated heart condition.

In the family few lives have assistant Susanne Ohlsson for many years, it has become a great support for the family.

“It’s a great peace of mind to first and foremost, we have to be parents,” says Viggos mother Sonja Eliasson.

On november 13, aptly enough, on ”World Kindness Day”, got Susanne Ohlsson receive the award of ”My Big Support” in 2018 from the charity My Big Day.

It is awarded once per year in order to pay attention to someone who is in the everyday life of a child with serious diagnoses.

Susanne got it because she has been the assistant for the seven-year-old Viggo Joly Eliasson since he was a year old.

– I have often thought about how we would be able to thank someone who has chosen to devote such a large part of his life to help our son. Now I got the chance to at least try to show how we feel, ” says his mother Sonja.

Needed help around the clock

Viggo was born with a serious heart condition and the first time lived with his family more or less in the hospital.

in Order to cope with everyday life with a child with special needs were granted the assistance.

1 of 2 | Photo: Pernilla WahlmanAtt get the shelf Susanne means a lot to the family. ”I have often thought about how we would be able to thank someone who has chosen to devote such a large part of his life to help our son. Now I got the chance to at least try to show how we feel,” said his mother Sonja.

One of those who got the job as a personal assistant was Susanne Ohlsson.

– She is very good at being available when needed but also has the ability to be in the background when we needed to be a regular family, ” explains Sonja.

In the beginning was Viggo very ill and needed help around the clock, among other things, oxygen and tube feeding.

The key contact between Susanne and Viggo worked directly.

– Viggo is a happy and playful guy with a hotel personality, ” says Susanne.

the Support meant everything for the family

For the family it meant a lot to avoid vaknätterna order to be able to be parents on the day.

Susanne has over the years followed Viggo on almost all of his surgeries and hospitalizations. When he started school and it was discovered that he was deaf, she learned sign language without hesitation.

For a parent, ilbet it is extra exposure especially valuable.

– There has been a tremendous sense of security that she has been with for so long. She knows him very well and can help with what he needs, ” says Sonja.

When Viggo was to start school in the autumn of 2017 drug Insurance down on the hours of personal assistance outside the home.

However, he was granted a student assistant in the school. Susanne searched and got the service.

– It was natural. I enjoy working with Viggo and we work so well together, ” she says.

”the Letter went straight to the heart”

For the family was a relief, to daily have a person in Viggos life who knows him so well.

– I don’t really know how our life would have been without her for all these years. I am so eternally grateful that she has been around and given him the security that she exudes, ” says Viggos mother Sonja.

the Nomination, which she described Koay importance of involving the jury.

“in the Midst of all the chaos, she entered into the our lives. In the daytime, but also watchful nights. How to thank a person who has chosen to devote such a large part of his life to help with your son?”

Jennifer McShane, secretary general of My Big Day thought just like the rest of the jury to susanne’s effort was noteworthy.

– the Letter that was Viggos mother wrote went straight into the heart of the us. It was so obvious in every line of how she changed their lives and impacted the fundamentally, ” she says.

Makes a huge difference

Susanne Ohlsson felt honored that her commitment was noticed. Besides the honour and a hotel stay in Stockholm she was also a journey.

– It feels absolutely amazing. I am so grateful and touched, it shows how much I mean to Viggo and his family.

For her it means a lot to Our Big day highlights a assistant of times when LSS and suspensions have been current.

– this shows how important personal assistants and elevassistenter is for all children with special needs should get the help they need. I think that all children should have the right to be children and allowed to be independent individuals, says Susanne Ohlsson.

Jennifer McShane, secretary general of my Big day, adding:

– I can only agree with. We see so many realities and weekdays in our work. The right support makes a huge difference for both the child and the family, ” she says.

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