Angry Fans and teammates, missed penalties and the softest Comforter the history of the club In the summer, Arjen Robben to leave Bayern. The Dutchman was always controversial, but probably one of the best investments of the club at all. the Benedict Warmbrunn Benedict Warmbrunn

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in Hoffenheim, follow, one, one against Bremen, and one, two, in Mainz, Germany. These were the results you were convinced at FC Bayern in the summer of 2009 that they need to strengthen their squad. So the Association decided to be one of the most sustainable investments in its history: For 25 million euros, the 25-year-old Arjen Robben, embossed, together with Franck Ribéry the FC Bayern Munich as only few other players came from Real Madrid. So the value of the two goods that the squad has for many years reinforced selectively to the two around. Until the next summer. Then the time of the seals in Munich ends at least. “It is, I think, my last year,” said Robben on Sunday at the fan club Bayern friends Tegernsee valley. “I think it was a good ten years FC Bayern, is very nice.” An assessment in five chapters.

The second life

a Few days after his change of seals is substitute against Wolfsburg after the break, he comes on Tulipbet for Hamit Altintop. 35 minutes later, he scored two goals, one of which, of course, after a solo run by scoring both goals in preparing Ribéry. The FC Bayern winning three to zero. In the 36 following season Robben has to play 21 more goals, including several that are stored forever in the library of the Association. In the Cup semi-final against Schalke, he runs in the 112. Minute, the lateral line along the base line, from there he pulls back into the penalty area, overall, he sprints to four players, then he slots the Ball into the corner. “In overtime, I’ve found my second life,” he explains. President Uli Hoeness says: Robben is a world “class players who can decide in every second of a game”. The gate in the quarter-finals of the Champions League at Manchester United, Robben after a corner from Ribery with the Ball on the volley into the goal conjures up. Bayern win the League and Cup, but lose in the final of the Champions League against Inter Milan. At the Celebration in the town square the Fans cheer, especially Ribéry, and the glad tidings: “‘abe made it five years more.”

Two could not always be together: Arjen Robben and Franck Ribéry.

(photo: Andreas Gebert/dpa)

The slap

Rib&Rob, Robbery, the nicknames of this legendary wing clamp, the Munich-based football history. Legendary for not only their solo runs on the pitch, but also off the mark. The first years between the two embossing jealousies. A not is he sulking immediately, and the other has a striking, magnificent mood. Of a right, the other feels the same in the wrong. In April 2012, the resentment escalated. Just before the break in the game against Real Madrid a free kick, Ribery wants to shoot. Seals pushes away him, he advertises for the Protect Kroos: “Toni shoot that has taken in the Training of almost everything.” Kroos hits the wall. Ribéry insulted seals in the half-time break, give him a slap in the face. A year later, Robben confesses: “I thought in the beginning that goes, I can’t play with him.” He had forgiven him.


the final in the Champions League in 2012 in Munich, the FC Bayern against Chelsea, project Robben’s former club. “It could not have been better written,” recalls seals later, “except that it turns into a nightmare.” FC Bayern has already lost the championship to Dortmund, among other things, because Robben in Dortmund misses a penalty. The Team has lost the Cup final against Borussia Dortmund 2:5, although seals from the penalty spot. In the Finale dahoam against Chelsea. Bayern after the late equaliser in the extension, in the 95 Minute there is a penalty. Robben shoots, rather in the middle than to the right, Petr Cech parried. In the following penalty shoot-out seals do not occur, Bayern will lose nevertheless. A week later, in the test game against the Netherlands, the pipes, the Fans, seals. They call him “Alleinikow”.

The Comforter

We need to protect Before the Start of the 2012/13 season, sporting Director Matthias Sammer, Robben says: “it better.” Coach Jupp Heynckes protects him by putting him often on the bench, although seal had said only a few months previously, that this was the “mortal sin”. From March to may, he allowed five times just by playing. There are, nevertheless, the most important weeks of his career. In the Champions League to score in both semi-final games against Barcelona in the final against Dortmund at Wembley, he prepares the first goal, then he runs in the 89. Minute los. Past Mats Hummels. Over on Neven Subotic. Then he strokes the Ball gently into the goal. The hits to the title is stored forever in the library of the Association, and their own Fans singing ever since: “Arjen has done it.”

25. May 2013, London, Wembley stadium, the 89. Minute: Arjen Robben hits against Roman Weidenfeller – it is the gateway to the Champions League title.

(photo: Phil Noble/Reuters)

Never sick

Under Heynckes’ successor Pep Guardiola will seal even quite different estimated. In whose possession football, his solo apply runs not as selfish, but as unpredictable. “On-ra-gend,” says Guardiola. In the first year under the Catalans 19 goals shoots seals, in the second 21, in the third he is injured often. The image of the outside seal is now his own self-image, it is the image of an exceptionally ambitious footballer. “The Hunger has never diminished.” In the spring of 2018, he wins his seventh German championship. At the beginning of December 2018, he says: “The club goes on, I might go further and not stop. I believe that it is, at least, the end of a very beautiful and long period of time.” Seals well, even a year in Eindhoven, or at his youth club in Groningen to do it.

And FC Bayern goes by he goes on the search for a replacement for one of his best investments.