NyheterSex skottskadade on VästbankenFoto: Sebastian Scheiner/associated press/TTHus demolished in the settlement of Ofra in the west bank since the supreme court ruled that they built on palestinian land. Arkivbild from 2017.NEWS

at Least six people have been injured in shootings on the west bank. For one of them, a 30-year-old woman, is the condition serious, according to the israeli army.

the Shots came from a vehicle that drove past a bus stop near the Betasus settlement of Ofra. The army stated that the vehicle was palestinian, and the wounded are civilians.

Soldiers nearby shot after the fleeing vehicle and the area were searched.

The latest attack in the west bank took place on 26 november, when a palestinian with a car struck and injured three israeli soldiers. The attacker was killed later by israeli forces.