“The fallen madonna with the big boobies”, the work of art that ever appeared in the TV series “Allo, Allo”, is sold at auction for over 150.000 nok.

The british komedieserien from the 1980s, revolves around the employees and guests of the inn to the main character René in the town of Nouvion in Northern France. Both the German occupation – in the form of the Wehrmacht, the Gestapo and a vain Italian officer – as well as the French resistance and the british even get a review in the series that went on the screen about twice as long as wwii lasted.

the Series was also popular here at home, where NRK sent it from 1989 and beyond, including several rounds of replays.


A central theme in the series masterpiece “The fallen madonna with the big boobies” – The fallen madonna with the big tits – by the fictional artist van Clomp. The picture is stolen by the resistance and is in the course of the series, among other things pushed down in the buksebein and stuffed in German sausages. It is scorched at the edges when the frame explodes – a burster that was intended for Adolf Hitler, who would get the image Asyabahis in the gift.

the Masterpiece is, of course, as fictional as the artist, but the image exist in reality, in the form of a prop. In 2007 was the image sold to an anonymous collector for 4.000 pounds. Now it is sold again, for nearly four times as much, writes the BBC. A collector in the series, “hometown” Nouvion has punget out the entire 15.000 pounds for the navngjetne madonnaen – an amount equivalent to almost 165.000 million for the current course.

25 bidders

I am overwhelmed by all the interest. 15.000 pounds for a TV prop is absolutely amazing. It went on for more than a lot of the real work of art – even pictures of the old masters are sold often for far less, says a representative for the auction house.

25 the bidders fought to secure the picture, which has become an immortal part of british TV history – albeit not of the european history of art. And after a roving life in the hands of inept occupiers and occupied your image should back to Nouvion.