the story of the man who throws a boomerang, even being hit in the forehead and fall dead. How do the fired fagboss for Scholars A-box Michael Valentin have it.

otherwise, as well as Michael Valentin on the labour movement to international women’s day 1. may 2002 issued a little book of 87 pages, which sent shock waves through the trade union movement. He came with a scathing criticism of the LO family and their a-boxes. Valentin thought that the LO was sovset into pamperi, frås and luxury holidays.

employee in the trade union movement you can skalte and valte, and if you do not have high morale, you can do just what you want’, he explained Berlingske.

Valentin reported to the police. To have ’skaltet and valtet’ with the members ‘ money. We are talking vinindkøb for millions, reciprocity for the other million and a fødselsdagsreception to dkk 400,000. It is among the charges, we have rolled up here in Ekstra Bladet the past week.

think not, there is something strange in what he has done, and he has bravely defended itself in the Extra Leaf.

is to you in a box had a Vevobahis ’discretion festkultur’. Yes, the dry low suggested. Valentine’s chairman of the board, Allan Luplau, adm. director of health Insurance “denmark”, has been silent as the grave and covered himself behind the bland press releases. It is probably a very good reason for that. All the indications are that the chairman was in on the whole levemanden Valentine’s travel for members ‘ money.

fødselsdagsreception to dkk 400,000. was so arranged by the board of directors. It would be strange, if the board of directors no idea about the price, since the corresponding round celebrations of chief executives and fagbosser estimated to cost less than 50,000 kr. Luplau has also been with the home in Valentine’s famous private cellar. Here fagbossen and his president skålet with political heavyweights and leading media people.

most amazing is that you will not be surprised. Michael Valentin had so infinitely right in 2002, when he talked about morality. Valentin showed us just that when you first come into fagboss system, so is the moral of the story is the first that gets flushed out along with the slatterne in the empty wine glasses.

once we get proven to magtmennesker think that it is far better to use someone else’s money than their own.