Donald trump former foreign Minister, Rex Tillerson, has drawn in one of his rare public Comments on an unflattering picture of his former boss. Trump had asked him more often to do things that were illegal.

This is Tillerson said, according to US media reports on an event in Houston (Texas). “Often, the President said: “I want to do, and I want to do it this way,” said Tillerson. “And I have always said, Mr President, I understand what you want, but you can’t make it so. It violated the law,” continued Tillerson. Trump then reacts at the end of such conversations often frustrated.

The narratives of the former Ölmanagers Tillerson fit into the picture that had drawn several book authors, including the Watergate whistleblower Bob Woodward, of Trump in the White house. Tillerson was fired by Trump after a little more than a year in office – he should have learned during a stay abroad via Twitter.

Trumps violent reaction

Trump even responded with insults of his former Cabinet member. Tillerson did not have the “mental aptitude” for the Ministerial post, he wrote in the short message service Twitter. “He was stupid, and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough.” He was also named Tillerson “totally lazy”. Under his successor, Mike Pompeo is then moved in a “great momentum” in the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Tillerson was previously head of the energy group ExxonMobil and had no government experience when he was hired by Trump to the Cabinet – Trump, you had, however.

Putin’s chess games

Tillerson said at the appearance that he had developed during his time as foreign Minister, a clear image of Russia’s head of state Vladimir Putin . Putin is very calculating, and games with “three-dimensional chess”. He wanted the US influence in the world is undermined.

The Ex-foreign Minister also expressed concerns on the handling Trumps with his electorate. “I have to be honest, it worried me that the American people want to know so little about some of the problems that there are with 128 characters happy,” said Tillerson. 128 characters is the Maximum for a message on Twitter, trump’s favorite Medium for direct messages to the Americans.

“there is No common value system”

Tillerson Trump called on Thursday night in an Interview with TV channel CBS as “undisciplined. “We had no common value system,” said Tillerson.

It had been difficult for him, from the “disciplined, to change strong process-oriented” ExxonMobil-the world in the Team of a man “was pretty undisciplined,” said Tillerson. Trump is not, may read it, and to deepen the “Details of things.” (nlu/fal/sda/afp)

Created: 07.12.2018, at 23:27