KulturÅSIKTAtt dream is, after all, it lättaJulkalender, hatch 7: Petter Larsson composes about the plot Jeremy Corbyn This is a kulturartikel , which is a part of Aftonbladet’s opinionsjournalistik.Photo: Matt Dunham / TT NYHETSBYRÅNLabourledaren Jeremy Corbyn be appointed to this year’s santa by Petter Larsson, who wrote a juldikt. CULTURE

Midvinternattens cold is hard,
the stars sparkle and gleam
No sleep in the secluded courtyard
deep under the midnattstimma.

British hit all of Europe’s record
with pure american arbetsackord
They go to arrange and take care,
They go to attend to his business.

Not a lot of life left
but now, with a simple stroke
shortening the week to four days,
shot Friday evening to Thursday


With löntagarfonder of the new model
where the ownership is gradually transferred
to those of the rich chagrin and eternal whining
on them as the best need
written prescription for the political apathy
from the mines to the hotels
A kind of industrial democracy
and a place on the vinstkarusellen.

the Elf listens and, half in dream,
find hear the river,
wonder, wherever it shall go,
wonder, where the source may be.

For his hand through the beard and hair,
to shake the head and cap
To pay the bill can be a bit difficult
To dream is, after all, the light.

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