In Friday’s section of the program ‘you Are Sunshine’ at Radio24Syv, the conversation among the host, Mathias Hero and his entourage consisting of ‘JumboJette’, Nicholas Nybro and Moussa Mchangama on different julekalendere.

In the connection spoke to the group about the queen Margrethe and the royal family’s advent calendar, where every day in december will put a picture up on the royal family’s Instagram profile of an object or the like, related to queen Margrethe of denmark or the Danish royal family.

– I’m not royalist, but the (society, red.) is so beautiful. The court has set the goblins on the loose, who finds old stuff in the attic, and then there will be each day put something up that has with the queen or the royal family to do, says Moussa Mchangama in the program.

The advent calendar has Nicholas Nybro also seen, and from him the intro to the christmas calendar, where the queen herself involved and puts the porridge in the attic for the elves wearing a sweater with a dachshund, harsh words on the way.

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– With respect for queen Margrethe, as she could well have done a little more out of herself because she looks like a gennemsnitsmormor in the boring clothes, she is running around in, say host Mathias Completely with a grin.

– I love her, but she seems a bit retarded, it sounds far from the Nicholas Nybro, who also laughs.

It gets Mathias Completely and Moussa Mchangama to respond.

– you must not say. It is majestætsfornærmelse, saith the laughing from the two co-host.

– I will not be invited to the next kunstnerbal. ‘God damn it’. I love you, Margaret, says Nicholas Nybro with a smile.

Watch the intro to the christmas calendar, including …

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Her Majesty the Queen is once again this year behind an advent calendar on the Royal family Instagramprofil. Forward to christmas eve has the Queen got a homemade nissefamilie loose on the ceilings at Fredensborg Castle. In their quest for rice pudding will elves find things, which through time has been used by the royal family. The brownies will in 24 days tell the hidden and forgotten stories of kings, queens, princes and princesses, and all the traces they leave Jokerbet on the Royal family ceilings. Here are among other former majestæters personal belongings packed down and stored away for posterity in boxes, on shelves and in the hidden rooms and halls. If the gnomes find risengrøden before christmas eve, you can follow in the Royal family Instagramprofil from tomorrow. The royal family

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As Extra the Blade catches the Nicholas Nybro over the phone Saturday afternoon, he is not much to elaborate on his statements about the queen in the program.

– I do not think that one can take such statements out of context, for it will be said in a hodgepodge of a lot of other things in the program. Here to talk about queen Margrethe fills the very little in the whole program, where we are just in the situation of talking about a lot of julekalendere, says Nicholas Nybro.

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He acknowledged, however, that his statements may sound a bit hard.

– If I was asked again, I had probably said it in a different way. Some times it goes strong with such programs, says Nicholas Nybro.

– It is important for me to stress that I have deep respect for queen Margrethe, and I think it is great that we have a warm and loving grandmother. It has never been my intention to pork her, he says further.

the Queen’s attire got harsh words on the way in Radio24Syv. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

According to Lars Hovbakke Sørensen, historian and kongehusekspert, Nicholas Nybros statements in the program something unusual.

– There is nothing illegal in to say such a thing, and you can not legally be convicted of anything majestætsfornærmelse or the like in the connection, but it is very unusual to mention her (queen Margrethe ii of denmark, red.) on the way in. We have a tradition we refer to the royal family with respect, says Lars Hovbakke Sørensen to Ekstra Bladet.

– In the here times, where you talk a lot about, that people violate each other, it is a very significant opinion to come up with. You don’t say to people that they are retarded, no matter who we are talking about, he continues.

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He thinks, therefore, that Nicholas Nybro should have thought an extra time before he came with such sharp opinions about the queen.

– It is certainly not commonplace, and he probably should have kept a little again. It would have been to show respect for other people.