Esther Hvolby has great success with her work as a personal trainer, she lives in a nice apartment in Aarhus with his girlfriend and is very happy with his life. But she has not always been easy.

the 23-year-old EstherHvolbyvoksede up in a home where money was very small, and her mother never knew whether there was advice to keep christmas.

– my Whole childhood has been on survival, when my mother was single with four children and no father was in the picture, tells Esther Hvolby.

Esther and her family lived in Viby J in Aarhus, the mother was sick of a rheumatic disease and received disability benefits. That was why the money is small and there were many things that the family could not afford.

– You could well look at our clothes that we had not so much money, tells Esther.

– We got the food, but that was the easy and cheap food, and there was no advice for the holidays and excursions.

Up towards christmas, it became really clear that there was not a lot of money to do good with, and it set its mark in the family.

– My mother was very stressed, she was worried whether we could afford to have christmas, so she was not in the worlds best mood in november and december, tells Esther, who explains that Julehjælpen from the Danish people’s aid, therefore, made a tremendous difference.

– You can almost not describe it with words how much it meant.

Everyone was happy, then there was christmas and a very happy family, she tells of the moment when the family was told that they would receive Julehjælpen.

– If I remember rightly,so my mom got tears in her Youwin eyes, which she really tried never to show us the children, says Esther.

It has really meant a lot to Esther, that the family got Julehjælp, especially the gift certificate to the Sportmaster made a big difference in her life.

– I am forever grateful.

– I remember so clearly, that we always got a Sportmaster-gift cards,and so I was allowed to choose some workout clothes, for when I had to start school again.

– at the Time I was also a little sportsnørd.

– I loved it and I felt like the coolest in the class, tells Esther, who has made his sportsinteresse to his career.

the Expanded interest for the sport has kept at ever since she was a child, and today she lives to help other people with their training.

– I have an education, I’m proud of,and despite the small money we had to do good with, when I was little,I have managed to build my own life up and had great success with it.

– I am trying to help my mother as well as I can.

She did what she could for us children,and I don’t think we could have had it better under the circumstances, with the money, tells Esther.

– also, I think, that it with that we got so much help, among other things, through the Julehjælpen, has left its mark in me, and it is probably also a big part of it, that I to this day even help others be happy for themselves, tells Esther, who works as a personal trainer in AL’s Studio in Åbyhøj in Aarhus.

Through his work, keeps Esther events for the benefit of, among others, the Danish Folkehjælps Julehjælp. 16. december she holds a bootcamp where you can donate to Danish people’s aid or help to a workout where there are a lot of christmas atmosphere.

– I saw and felt how much it meant to us,and it makes the also, I would like to give again, ” she says.

Last year got 9540 single-parent families on public service a julehjælpspakke, which has a value of 1500 kr: A gift card for Rema, a gift card to BR and a gift certificate to the Sportmaster. More than 15,000 single-parent families have applied, and there is preliminary collected money so 9030 families can get help. the

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